Solar Panel Cleaning

Thanks to the UK seeing higher levels of rain, most domestic solar panel installations (unless you have bird droppings on them) will not require frequent ‘heavy duty’ cleaning.

Clean solar panels DO offer a better performance however and bird droppings or build up of other dust and dirt will most certainly affect their efficiency – it doesn’t always get washed off by the rain. If your TV aerial is close to your panels, you might have a worse problem with bird dirt too.

Even a small amount of hardened bird droppings can have a real impact on output so if it is a problem, you should get your solar panels cleaned regularly to reduce build-up.

Solar panel cleaning is a fairly new service provided by Drive & Patio Clean, using the pure water system.

  • Bungalows from ground level
  • Houses from ground level
  • Houses from small scaffolding towers
  • Free no obligation quotes

If you are interested in having your drive, patio or forecourt cleaning – whatever the size, please contact us here via our website or call us  on 01206 381878.