Gutter Vacuum

A gutter that isn’t clear can cause leaks, resulting in costly water damage to both the inside and exterior of your home because gutters control the flow of rain – protecting your roof, walls, foundation and surrounding landscape.  If left un-monitored leaves, moss and other debris such as seedlings that have begun to grow will likely cause a leak in time. In addition, a gutter which is badly congested may make a perfect home for pests such as rodents and bees.

How often you have them cleaned will depend on your location and how many surrounding trees there are plus type of tree but if you can see anything at all sticking up out of a gutter, it’s very likely it’s not alone! Autumn, when leaves are falling is obviously a key time in terms of gutters becoming blocked. These leaves cause a problem which worsens with time, so regular cleaning is advised.

Gutter cleaning can be dangerous for most homeowners, so it’s sensible and quicker to call in a professional such as Drive & Patio Clean. Our powerful, purpose-designed gutter vacuum system saves time and money, as there is no need for costly scaffolding or platforms – all work is done from the ground.

  • The system will clean up to 52ft
  • Debris is removed when finished
  • Before and after images
  • Fully insured

We can provide a ‘before and after’ image for you – put on to disk for you to keep or you can simply view from a camera as the work commences.

If you are interested in having your drive, patio or forecourt cleaning – whatever the size, please contact us here via our website or call us  on 01206 381878.