Driveways, Patios, Decking & Forecourts

Whether you wish to brighten up your garden patio, bring your driveway back to life or improve the look of your business exterior, we have the experience and equipment to help.

It’s not just about appearance either – Algae and the suchlike can really cause a problem and increase the risk of slipping and injury, so it’s very important to keep pathways clean.

Businesses with a clean forecourt or approach will certainly help attract customers rather than deter them.

Drive & Patio Clean can offer a discreet, professional service and help keep things looking smart for your visitors. We carry out all work with the minimum of disruption and with no need to close.

If you are interested in having your drive, patio or forecourt cleaning – whatever the size, please contact us here via our website or call us  on 01206 381878.