Conservatory Cleaning

Drive & Patio Clean offer a range of conservatory cleaning services – from regular cleans to a full valet to bring your conservatory back to a ‘nearly-new’ condition.

Appropriate equipment is used, along with the correct cleaning materials to achieve a great result.

Conservatories are a fabulous addition to any home, providing additional space but when not maintained, they will become dirty fairly quickly and begin to look somewhat old. This not only alters what they look like and therefore your enjoyment of them but also, over a period, will lead to actual physical damage such as leaking, deteriorating seals, discolouration and fading.

Drive & Patio Clean offers not only just a simple roof clean but also a full treatment of either the interior or exterior… or both!

To discuss your conservatory cleaning needs – however complicated, please contact us here via our website or call us  on 01206 381878.