Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Drive & Patio Clean offer a very competitive commercial carpet cleaning service – either regular contract work or one-off cleans.

Dirt has a knack of finding its way into office buildings and other commercial environments and, ignoring the obvious ‘aesthetic’ result of this for a moment, there is also the issue of health to consider (dust etc.).

The type of carpet you have and how busy the area is will affect how often you might consider getting it professionally cleaned but regular cleaning WILL improve both its appearance and, extend its life so it’s definitely something you should be factoring in to your cleaning programme.  Despite the odd myth floating around, the more you clean your carpet (properly, that is) the better its appearance and the longer it will last.

Vacuuming it regularly will definitely help but do ensure this is done correctly; slowly – moving both left and right and up and down. For busy areas do this daily, for general areas its daily or certainly 3 or 4 times each week and in quieter areas like meeting rooms then weekly should be fine.

To maintain your carpet a regular, professional cleaning program is best, which is where we come in. We will clean at regular intervals appropriate to your environment, keeping it in good condition and thus avoiding an expensive restorative clean.

To discuss your commercial carpet cleaning requirements, please get in touchhere via our website or call us  on 01206 381878.